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Engineering Math Skills Assessment Sample Questions

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Solve "Engineering Math Skills Assessment Sample Questions" MCQ PDF to practice engg math quiz answers, competency based interview questions for online computer science degree programs. Engg Math frequently asked questions bank has Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers to prepare for career tests.

"Integral over curves are called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice engineering math skills assessment sample questions with choices line integral, surface integral, triple integral, and quadratic integral for high school entrance exam. Study engg math interview questions to learn online FAQ: Engineering math skills assessment sample questions with MCQ bank for job placement test.

FAQ: Engineering Math Skills Assessment Sample Questions

MCQ: Integral over curves are called

  1. line integral
  2. surface integral
  3. triple integral
  4. quadratic integral


MCQ: Curl of the vector field has magnitude equals to the rotation

  1. distance
  2. twice angular speed
  3. thrice angular speed
  4. twice distance


MCQ: Divergence of a curl vector is

  1. one
  2. zero
  3. two
  4. infinite


MCQ: Integral over surfaces are termed as

  1. line integral
  2. triple integral
  3. surface integral
  4. quadratic integral


MCQ: If continuous differential vector function is the gradient of a scalar function , then its curl is the

  1. unit vector
  2. zero vector
  3. augmented vector
  4. zero scalar