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The Book Work Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Work MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online physics degree courses. Study Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Work quiz answers PDF for top engineering universities. The e-Book Work MCQ App Download: kinetic energy, work test prep for job placement test.

The MCQ: Energy transferred to the object is PDF, "Work" App Download (Free) with positive work, negative work, kinetic frictional force, and static frictional force choices for top engineering universities. Practice work quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) to enroll in online classes.

Physics MCQs: Work Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Energy transferred to the object is

A) positive work
B) negative work
C) kinetic frictional force
D) static frictional force

MCQ: Energy transferred from the object is

A) positive work
B) kinetic frictional force
C) negative work
D) static frictional force

MCQ: Energy transferred to or from an object by means of a force acting on the object is termed as

A) work
B) kinetic energy
C) specific heat
D) electrical energy

MCQ: Theorem which states that for a particle, a change in kinetic energy is equals to the net work done on the particle is known as

A) work-noise theorem
B) Newtonian mechanics theorem
C) work-kinetic energy theorem
D) work-electrical energy theorem

MCQ: Work done by gravitational force on object of mass m moves through displacement d is given by

A) mgdcosθ
B) mgdsinθ
C) mgdtanθ
D) mgdcotθ

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