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Practice Sun,Earth and Moon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Sun,Earth and Moon quiz answers PDF to learn engineering physics online course for engineering physics classes. Astronomical Data Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Sun,Earth and Moon quiz questions to apply to colleges online. "Sun,Earth and Moon MCQ" PDF Book: equatorial diameter of planets, orbital speed of planets test prep for best online colleges.

"Radiation power of Sun is" MCQ PDF: sun,earth and moon with choices 3.98x1026 w, 3.98x106 w, 9.8x1026 w, and 9.8x102 w to apply to colleges online. Learn sun,earth and moon quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online career assessment.

MCQs on Sun,Earth and Moon Quiz

MCQ: Radiation power of Sun is

3.98x1026 W
3.98x106 W
9.8x1026 W
9.8x102 W

MCQ: Mean density of Moon is

3340 kg/m3
2320 kg/m3
1410 kg/m3
5520 kg/m3

MCQ: Mean radius of Earth is

6.96x1018 m
6.96x108 m
6.37x106 m
1.74x106 m

MCQ: Mean free fall acceleration at surface of Moon is

274 m/s2
9.81 m/s2
1.67 m/s2
167 m/s2

MCQ: Period of rotation of Sun at poles is

23h 56min
2.3 days
37 days
26 days