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Types of Waves Multiple Choice Questions p. 77

Study Types of Waves multiple choice questions and answers, types of waves quiz answers PDF 77 to study Engineering Physics course online. Transverse Waves MCQ trivia questions, Types of Waves Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Types of Waves MCQ" PDF eBook: spherical mirror, resistance and resistivity, density of water, rotational inertia of different objects, types of waves test prep for online undergraduate engineering schools.

"Waves that have no medium to travel are" MCQ PDF: electromagnetic waves, mechanical waves, matter waves, and solid waves for online career assessment. Learn transverse waves questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for undergraduate engineering schools.

Types of Waves Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Waves that have no medium to travel are

mechanical waves
electromagnetic waves
matter waves
solid waves

MCQ: If M is the mass of object and R is radius, then rotational inertia of solid cylinder along axis of rotation is

1/2 MR2
3/2 MR2
2/3 MR2

MCQ: Sea water at 20° temperature and 1atm pressure has density of

1x1018 kg/m3
1.024x103 kg/m3
2.8x103 kg/m3
1.4x103 kg/m3

MCQ: 1 volt per Ampere is equals to

1 Watt
1 Joule
1 Ohm
1 Newton

MCQ: Mirror whose shape is similar to the piece cut out of a spherical surface is called

cupped mirror
virtual mirror
spherical mirror
epsilon mirror