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Optical Instruments Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 7

Optical Instruments quiz questions and answers PDF, optical instruments trivia questions to solve engineering physics worksheet 7 for online graduate programs. Practice Geometric Optics quiz questions with answers, optical instruments Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free optical instruments MCQs, celsius and fahrenheit scales, aphelion, terminal speed, electrical-mechanical analog, optical instruments test prep for global knowledge quiz.

"Compound microscope can produce", optical instruments Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices angular magnification, lateral magnification, plane magnification, and overall magnification for online engineering graduate schools.

Quiz on Optical Instruments PDF Download 7

Optical Instruments Quiz

MCQ: Compound microscope can produce

  1. lateral magnification
  2. angular magnification
  3. plane magnification
  4. overall magnification


Electrical-Mechanical Analog Quiz

MCQ: Potential energy of mechanical spring is

  1. 1/2 kx
  2. 1/2 kx2
  3. 1/2 kx3
  4. kx2


Terminal Speed Quiz

MCQ: At certain speed of object, drag force of resistance will equal to the gravitational pull on the object, at this point the object ceases to accelerate and continues falling at a constant speed, called

  1. terminal speed
  2. drag speed
  3. angular speed
  4. centripetal speed


Aphelion Quiz

MCQ: For orbits around any center of mass, aphelion is termed as

  1. apogee
  2. apastron
  3. apoapsis
  4. apkisterian


Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales Quiz

MCQ: 100° is temperature of

  1. normal body
  2. boiling point of water
  3. freezing point of water
  4. accepted comfort level