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Orbital Speed of Planets Quiz MCQ Online p. 51

Practice Orbital Speed of Planets quiz questions and answers PDF, orbital speed of planets trivia questions 51 to learn online Engineering Physics course for online classes. Astronomical Data MCQ questions, Orbital Speed of Planets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Orbital Speed of Planets Quiz" PDF eBook: mass energy, motion, angular momentum of a rigid body, zeroth law of thermodynamics, orbital speed of planets test prep for questions to ask during an interview.

"Pluto's orbital speed is equals to" MCQ PDF: 4.74 km/s, 29.8 km/s, 5.43 km/s, and 6.81 km/s for engineering graduate schools. Solve astronomical data questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for job placement test.

Trivia Quiz on Orbital Speed of Planets MCQs

MCQ: Pluto's orbital speed is equals to

29.8 Km/s
4.74 Km/s
5.43 Km/s
6.81 Km/s

MCQ: Thermometer which measures the temperature by the variation in pressure alone i.e. volume of gas is kept constant is called

liquid thermometer
gas thermometer
constant volume gas thermometer
constant volume thermometer

MCQ: Linear momentum for system of particles including rigid bodies is, P=


MCQ: Linear motion is along a

straight line
elliptical shape
random shape

MCQ: Energy of Uranium atom is equals to

511 keV
225 GeV
938 MeV
2 kcal