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The Book Pendulums Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Pendulums quiz answers PDF to study online courses, engineering physics tests. Practice Simple Harmonic Motion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Pendulums quiz questions for undergraduate engineering schools. The e-Book Pendulums MCQ App Download: pendulums, harmonic motion test prep for online engineering programs.

The MCQ: An idealized mathematical model of a pendulum is PDF, "Pendulums" App Download (Free) with gravity pendulum, tension pendulum, torison pendulum, and spring pendulum choices for undergraduate engineering schools. Study pendulums quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online undergraduate engineering schools.

Chapter 30 MCQs: Pendulums Quiz

MCQ: An idealized mathematical model of a pendulum is

A) Gravity pendulum
B) Tension pendulum
C) Torison pendulum
D) Spring pendulum

MCQ: If L is the length of pendulum and g is acceleration of gravity, then time period of gravity pendulum is equals to

A) 2π(L/g)1/2
B) 2π(L/g)1/3
C) π(L/g)1/3
D) π(L/g)1/2

MCQ: A weight or mass suspended from a pivot to swing freely is called

A) ammeter
B) Manometer
C) pendulum
D) protector

MCQ: Mass of the pendulum is also termed as

A) bob
B) pin
C) bit
D) baud

MCQ: A physical pendulum will not swing if it pivots at

A) center of mass
B) left of mass
C) right of mass
D) upward of mass

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