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Electric Potential Energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF - 1

The Book Electric Potential Energy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, Electric Potential Energy quiz answers, test 1 to study online Engineering Physics Course. Practice Electric Potential MCQs, Electric Potential Energy trivia questions and answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The eBook Electric Potential Energy MCQs App Download: introduction to electric potential energy, equipotential surfaces career test for online engineering associate's degree.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): If U is potential energy and q is charge particle, then electric potential is equals to PDF, "Electric Potential Energy" App Download (Free) with q/u, uq, u/q, and 2q/u choices for engineering graduate schools. Solve electric potential quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for engineering graduate colleges.

Physics: Electric Potential Energy MCQs Questions PDF Download

MCQ: If U is potential energy and q is charge particle, then electric potential is equals to

A) Uq
B) q/U
C) U/q
D) 2q/U

MCQ: Electric potential energy is measured in

A) watt
B) Joule
C) Newton
D) Coulomb

MCQ: Work done in moving a charge particle between two particular points on an equipotential surface is

A) infinite
B) zero
C) depends on surface size
D) depends on charge size

MCQ: 1 electron volt is equals to

A) 1.602x1019 J
B) 1.602x10-19 J
C) 1.602x109 J
D) 1.602x10-9 J

MCQ: Surface that has equal electric potential at every point is called

A) Equipotential surface
B) Bipotential surface
C) Tripotential surface
D) Unipotential surface

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