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Transistor Structure MCQs Quiz Online PDF | Download eBooks

Solve Transistor Structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), transistor structure quiz answers PDF worksheet, electronic devices practice test for online courses. Learn bipolar junction transistors Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Transistor Structure Quiz" questions and answers for undergraduate engineering schools. Learn transistor characteristics and parameters, derating power, maximum transistors rating test prep for online engineering colleges.

"Emitter current of BJT in case of amplifier circuit is equals to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transistor structure with choices collector current + base current, collector current + base current, collector current / base current, and (collector current / base current)+1 for undergraduate engineering schools. Practice transistor structure quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs to learn free online courses.

MCQs on Transistor Structure PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Emitter current of BJT in case of amplifier circuit is equals to

  1. collector current + base current
  2. collector current + base current
  3. collector current / base current
  4. (collector current / base current)+1


MCQ: Which of the following is the largest of three transistor currents?

  1. collector current
  2. base current
  3. emitter current
  4. floating current


MCQ: Three regions of a BJT is separated by

  1. one PN junction
  2. two PN junctions
  3. three PN junctions
  4. four PN junctions


MCQ: To operate as an amplifier, base collector junction of BJT must be

  1. forward biased
  2. reverse biased
  3. floating biased
  4. None of these


MCQ: Current smaller than base current is

  1. input current
  2. base current
  3. drain current
  4. floating current