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Integrated Circuit Voltage Regulator Practice Test PDF | Download eBooks - 87

Learn Integrated circuit voltage regulator mock test for exam, integrated circuit voltage regulator MCQ with answers PDF to solve electronic devices worksheet 87 for online engineering courses. Practice "Diode Applications Trivia Questions" and answers, integrated circuit voltage regulator Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve electronic devices test with answers for online electronics engineering degree. Free integrated circuit voltage regulator MCQs, atomic structure, optical diodes, integrated circuit voltage regulator test prep for questions to ask during an interview.

"Output voltage of LM337 can be adjusted from", integrated circuit voltage regulator Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices −1.2 v to −3.7 v, −1.2 v to 3.7 v, 1.2 v to 3.7 v, and 1.2 v to −3.7 v for online engineering programs. Learn diode applications questions and answers with free online certification courses for online engineering programs.

Trivia Quiz on Integrated Circuit Voltage Regulator PDF Download eBook 87

Integrated Circuit Voltage Regulator Quiz

MCQ: Output voltage of LM337 can be adjusted from

  1. −1.2 V to 3.7 V
  2. −1.2 V to −3.7 V
  3. 1.2 V to 3.7 V
  4. 1.2 V to −3.7 V


Optical Diodes Quiz

MCQ: A common display device of LED is

  1. seven segment display
  2. red light pointer
  3. LED T V
  4. multilight pointer


Atomic Structure Quiz

MCQ: Electrons which contains high energy level is known as

  1. holes
  2. conduction electrons
  3. Valence electrons
  4. nucleus electrons


Optical Diodes Quiz

MCQ: In LED, process which release energy in form of light is called

  1. attenuation
  2. combination
  3. recombination
  4. amplification


Transistor AC Equivalent Circuits Quiz

MCQ: In h parameter, forward current gain is represented by

  1. hr
  2. ho
  3. hi
  4. hf