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PN Junction Quiz Questions with Answers PDF - 15

The e-Book PN Junction Quiz Questions and Answers, pn junction MCQ Quiz PDF download chapter 8-15 to study online electronic circuit design degree programs. Study Introduction to Electronics Quiz Questions PDF, pn junction Multiple Choice Questions for online college degrees. The PN Junction Trivia App Download: Free learning app for current in semiconductors, common emitter amplifier, class b and ab push pull amplifiers, half wave rectifiers, pn junction test prep for online engineering graduate schools.

The Quiz Material in which atoms are arranged symmetrically is called: non crystal, molecule, metal and crystal with "PN Junction" App Download (Android & iOS) Free for engineering associate's degree online. Practiceintroduction to electronics questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for free career quiz.

PN Junction Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 15

MCQ 71: Material in which atoms are arranged symmetrically is called

A) molecule
B) non crystal
C) metal
D) crystal

MCQ 72: The average value of a half - wave rectified voltage with a peak value of 200 V is

A) 141 V
B) 63.7 V
C) 0 V
D) 127.3 V

MCQ 73: The AC saturation current is with a pull push amplifier is

A) Vcc/Rl
B) Vbb/Rl
C) Vee /Rl
D) Vcc/R

MCQ 74: In AC analysis the DC voltage is replaced by the

A) AC voltage
B) AC ground
C) DC ground
D) Both a and b

MCQ 75: Recombination in a PN junction is when

A) a crystal is formed
B) a positive and a negative ion bond together
C) an electron falls into a hole
D) a valence electron becomes a conduction electron

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