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Materials used in electronics Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 57

Materials used in electronics MCQ questions and answers, materials used in electronics worksheets with answers PDF 57 to practice Electronic Circuit Design exam questions for online classes. Practice Introduction to Electronics MCQ questions, materials used in electronics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Materials used in electronics Interview Questions PDF: pn junction, current in semiconductors, optical diode, diode operation, materials used in electronics test prep for online high school and college acceptance.

"The band gap of conductor between conduction band and valence band" MCQ PDF with choices is high, is less, overlap, and very high for best online colleges. Learn introduction to electronics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for college admission test.

Trivia Quiz on Materials used in electronics MCQs

MCQ: The band gap of conductor between conduction band and valence band

is less
is high
very high

MCQ: For a silicon diode, the value of the forward - bias voltage typically

must be greater than 0.3 V
depends on the width of the depletion region
depends on the concentration of majority carriers
must be greater than 0.7 V

MCQ: In early LEDs the material used was

gallium arsenide
germanium arsenide

MCQ: Free electrons in an atom are present in

valence band
conduction band
band gap
Both a and b

MCQ: The experiment of movement of electrons from lighted filament to metal plate is known as

newton effects
edison effect
gallium effect
bulb effect