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Practice Properties quiz questions and answers, properties MCQ questions PDF, test 12 to download Digital Electronics book. Introduction to Digital Electronics MCQ questions, Properties Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Properties Book PDF: digital electronics basics, saturating and non saturating logic, rom introduction, pseudo nmos inverter vtc, properties test prep for online engineering associate's degree.

"A more precise representation of a digital signal can be obtained by using" Quiz PDF: properties App APK with more binary digits, less binary digits, zero binary digits, and two binary digits choices for online college admission. Solve introduction to digital electronics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online engineering programs.

Trivia Questions on Properties MCQs

MCQ: A more precise representation of a digital signal can be obtained by using

less binary digits
more binary digits
zero binary digits
two binary digits

MCQ: Pseudo-NMOS inverter, NMOS will be in triode region when

Vinput≤ Vth
vout ≥ Vinput -Vth
Vout < Vinput -Vth

MCQ: ROM output is the set of data bit retrieved from addressed


MCQ: Schottky TTL logic is

non-saturating logic
saturating logic
breakdown logic
dynamic logic

MCQ: Digital or voltage buffer always have

amplifying function
maximum gain function
no amplifying function
power gain function