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Combinational & Sequential Logic Circuits MCQ with Answers PDF

Combinational and Sequential Logic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Combinational and Sequential Logic Circuits quiz answers PDF to learn digital electronics online course for digital electronics classes. Introduction to Digital Electronics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Combinational & Sequential Logic Circuits quiz questions for engineering graduate colleges. "Combinational & Sequential Logic Circuits " Book PDF: fifo and lifo, digital electronics basics, properties test prep for college entrance examination.

"Counter is based on" MCQ PDF: combinational & sequential logic circuits with choices sequential logic, combinational logic, core diode logic, and random logic for engineering graduate colleges. Learn combinational & sequential logic circuits quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for engineering graduate schools.

MCQs on Combinational & Sequential Logic Circuits Quiz

MCQ: Counter is based on

sequential logic
combinational logic
core diode logic
random logic

MCQ: In a bistable circuit, when capacitor is discharged, it would be regarded as storing a


MCQ: Circuits based on dynamic memory are termed as

static sequential circuits
dynamic sequential circuits
static combinational circuits
dynamic combinational circuits

MCQ: Memory based on charge storage is known as

dynamic memory
static memory
state memory
bistate memory

MCQ: Logic which involves feedback from output to input that is stored in the memory for the next operation is

sequential logic
combinational logic
core diode logic
random logic