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CMOS Noise Margin MCQs Quiz Online PDF | Download eBooks

Solve CMOS Noise Margin Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), cmos noise margin quiz answers PDF worksheet, digital electronics practice test for online degree programs. Learn cmos inverters Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "CMOS Noise Margin Quiz" questions and answers to apply to colleges online. Learn circuit structure, cmos static operation, cmos dynamic power dissipation test prep for free career test.

"Noise margins of inverter are equalized and can be represented as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on cmos noise margin with choices 3/8( vdd+2/3 vt), ( vdd+2/3 vt), 3/8( vdd-2/3 vt), and 3/8( vdd+ vt) to apply to colleges online. Practice cmos noise margin quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs to enroll in online classes.

MCQs on CMOS Noise Margin PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Noise margins of inverter are equalized and can be represented as

  1. 3/8( VDD+2/3 Vt)
  2. ( VDD+2/3 Vt)
  3. 3/8( VDD-2/3 Vt)
  4. 3/8( VDD+ Vt)


MCQ: Finite largest slope in transition region of VTC inverter is given by

  1. −(gmN+gmP)(roN/roP)
  2. −(gmN+gmP)(roNroP)
  3. −(gmN-gmP)(roN/roP)
  4. (gmN-gmP)(roN/roP)


MCQ: When VDD=6V and Vth=3V than NML will be

  1. 3 V
  2. 4 V
  3. 5 V
  4. 6 V


MCQ: (W/L)p=

  1. (L/W)p
  2. (L/W)n
  3. (WL)n
  4. (W/L)n


MCQ: Typical threshold voltage in CMOS inverters is of

  1. 0.001 to 0.002 VDD
  2. 0.001 to 0.02 VDD
  3. 0.1 to 0.2 VDD
  4. 0.1 to 2 VDD