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Bohr's Model Practice Test PDF | Download eBooks - 66

Learn Bohr's model mock test for exam, bohr's model MCQ with answers PDF to solve electromagnetic theory worksheet 66 for online engineering courses. Practice Electrical Properties of Matter Trivia Questions and answers, bohr's model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve advance electromagnetic theory test with answers for online electronics engineering degree. Free bohr's model MCQs, introduction to matters, metamaterials planes, magnetic field intensity, tunable metamaterials, bohr's model test prep for online engineering associate's degree.

"Electrons of any atom exist only in a state which is", bohr's model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices constant, discrete, continuous, and exponential for pre employment screening tests. Learn electrical properties of matter questions and answers with free online certification courses for college entrance test.

Trivia Quiz on Bohr's Model PDF Download eBook 66

Bohr's Model Quiz

MCQ: Electrons of any atom exist only in a state which is

  1. discrete
  2. constant
  3. continuous
  4. exponential


Tunable Metamaterials Quiz

MCQ: Two sets of meta-structures are overlapped with each other in the

  1. opposite frequency
  2. same frequency
  3. 90° frequency
  4. 10H frequency


Magnetic Field Intensity Quiz

MCQ: Magnetic field is a

  1. vector quantity
  2. scalar quantity
  3. can be vector or scalar
  4. None


Metamaterials Planes Quiz

MCQ: The magnetic components of the plane wave in the exponential form is

  1. E(w,K)=Eoeikr-iwt
  2. E(w,K)=Eoeikr+iwt
  3. H(w,K)=Hoeikr+iwt
  4. H(w,K)=Hoeikr-iwt


Introduction to Matters Quiz

MCQ: Artificial magnetic conductors are present in the class of

  1. NG
  2. DNG
  3. TNG
  4. DPG