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Split Ring Resonator MCQ with Answers PDF Download

Split Ring Resonator Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice split ring resonator quiz answers PDF, electromagnetic theory worksheets for online degrees. Solve metamaterials Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Split Ring Resonator Quiz" questions and answers for best online colleges with financial aid. Learn ferrites, noble metals, dilute metals, metamaterials basics test prep for online career assessment.

"Effective relative magnetic permeability of an SRR array is given by" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on split ring resonator with choices µr,eff(w)=1-fw2/w2-w2o+iγw, µr,eff(w)=1+fw2/w2-w2o+iγw, ∊;r,eff(w)=w2/w2-w2o+iγw, and ∊r,eff(w)=fw2/w2-w2o+iγw for best online colleges with financial aid. Solve split ring resonator quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for questions to ask during an interview.

MCQs on Split Ring Resonator PDF Download

MCQ: Effective relative magnetic permeability of an SRR array is given by

  1. µr,eff(w)=1-Fw2/w2-w2o+iγw
  2. µr,eff(w)=1+Fw2/w2-w2o+iγw
  3. ∊;r,eff(w)=w2/w2-w2o+iγw
  4. r,eff(w)=Fw2/w2-w2o+iγw


MCQ: Split ring resonator LC circuit with the natural resonant frequency 'wo' given by

  1. 1/LC
  2. √1/LC
  3. √LC
  4. √L/C


MCQ: If the strength of the magnetic response is sufficiently strong, it can achieve effective

  1. electric permeability
  2. magnetic permeability
  3. electric permitivity
  4. magnetic permitivity


MCQ: If in SRR d = 4x10-3m, r = 1x10-3m, and s = 1x104m. The resulting resonance will be

  1. 8.324GHz
  2. 6.32GHz
  3. 5.2GHz
  4. 10GHz


MCQ: A magnetic flux penetrating the metal rings in SRR will

  1. induced no current
  2. induced static current
  3. induced rotating current
  4. induced variable resistance