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Dielectric Constitutive Relationship MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Dielectric Constitutive Relationship Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Dielectric Constitutive Relationship quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, electromagnetic theory tests. Study Electrical Properties of Dielectric Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Dielectric Constitutive Relationship quiz questions for college entrance exams. The e-Book "Dielectric Constitutive Relationship MCQ" App Download: electric and magnetic dipoles, electrical polarization production, ferroelectrics, examining material microscopically test prep for top engineering universities.

The MCQ "If ∊ is dielectric permitivity, than ∊=" PDF, Dielectric Constitutive Relationship App Download (Free) with relative permitivity, free space permitivity, sum of relative and free space permitivity, and product of relative and free space permitivity choices for college entrance exams. Practice dielectric constitutive relationship quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for pre employment screening tests.

Electromagnetic Theory: Dielectric Constitutive Relationship MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: If ∊ is dielectric permitivity, than ∊=

A) relative permitivity
B) free space permitivity
C) sum of relative and free space permitivity
D) product of relative and free space permitivity

MCQ: Dielectric constitutive relationship is

A) D=∊
B) D=∊HE
C) D=∊E
D) D=∊H

MCQ: In D=∊E, 'E' is

A) electric flux density
B) electric field intensity
C) magnetic field intensity
D) magnetic dipole moment

MCQ: In ∊or, ∊o=

A) 8.854 f/m
B) 8.854 x10-12 f/m
C) 8.854 x1012 f/m
D) 8.854 x102 f/m

MCQ: In D=∊E, 'D' is

A) electric flux density
B) magnetic flux density
C) electric dipole
D) magnetic permitivity

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