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Structuring of XML Language Quiz Answers PDF - 7

The Book Structuring of XML Language Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers, structuring of xml language MCQ Quiz PDF download chapter 6-7 to learn online semantic web course. Study Semantic Web Vision MCQ Questions PDF, structuring of xml language Multiple Choice Questions for online college degrees. The eBook Structuring of XML Language MCQs App Download: semantic web technologies, semantic web: a layered approach, structuring of xml language test prep to learn online certificate courses.

The MCQs: In XML document, the IDREF and IDREFS are used for PDF, "Structuring of XML Language" App (Android & iOS) Free with comments, referencing, cardinality, and reasoners choices for computer information science. Practicesemantic web vision questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for computer software engineer online degree.

Semantic Web MCQs: Structuring of XML Language Quiz Online PDF Download - 7

MCQ: In XML document, the IDREF and IDREFS are used for

A) referencing
B) comments
C) cardinality
D) reasoners

MCQ: In Semantic Web context, on the basis of RDF the modeling primitives are provided by

A) proof layer
B) logic layer
C) trust layer
D) RDF schema

MCQ: The Semantic Web Technology that will be responsible for identifying and information extraction is

A) logic
B) meta data
C) agents
D) ontology

MCQ: A complex type attribute, the existence of collection of element is mandatory but not order is called

A) sequence
B) all
C) choice
D) tag

MCQ: When there is no content among XML tags then the element is called

A) null
B) empty
C) zero
D) invisible

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