Digital Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Digital integrated circuits Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), digital integrated circuits quiz answers pdf 1, logic design tests to study online certification courses. Learn bipolar transistor characteristics MCQs, "digital integrated circuits" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn bipolar transistor characteristics, special characteristics of integrated circuit, introduction to integrated circuit career test for online computer science engineering.

"Common emitter transistors are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on digital integrated circuits with choices pnp, npn, rtl, and cmos for online computer science schools. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning bipolar transistor characteristics quiz questions for online college courses.

MCQs on Digital Integrated Circuits Quiz 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Common emitter transistors are

  1. NPN
  2. PNP
  3. RTL
  4. CMOS


MCQ: The maximum number of inputs connected to the gate is called

  1. fan
  2. fan in
  3. fan out
  4. out come


MCQ: CMOS stands for

  1. Complementary Material Oxide Semiconductor
  2. Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  3. Complex Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  4. Complex Material Oxide Semiconductor


MCQ: Exceeding the maximum load on circuit causes

  1. malfunction
  2. high performance
  3. low performance
  4. out come


MCQ: The bipolar transistor is constructed with

  1. germanium
  2. silicon
  3. copper
  4. both A and B