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Piecewise Linear Transformation Functions Quiz MCQ Online p. 93

Practice Piecewise Linear Transformation Functions quiz questions and answers PDF, piecewise linear transformation functions trivia questions 93 to learn online Digital Image Processing course for online classes. Intensity Transformation and Spatial Filtering MCQ questions, piecewise linear transformation functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Piecewise Linear Transformation Functions Quiz" PDF eBook: color transformation, point line and edge detection in image processing, image interpolation in dip, color models in color image processing, piecewise linear transformation functions test prep for computer science programs.

"The simplest piecewise linear transformation function is" MCQ PDF: contrast stretching, linear stretching, color stretching, and elastic stretching for computer science associate degree. Solve intensity transformation and spatial filtering questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for information and communication technology.

Trivia Quiz on Piecewise Linear Transformation Functions MCQs

MCQ: The simplest piecewise linear transformation function is

linear stretching
contrast stretching
color stretching
elastic stretching

MCQ: RGB space is also known as

pixel depth
color depth

MCQ: Image linear interpolation is given by the formula

v(x,y) = ax+by+cxy+d
v(x,y) = ax+by+cxy
v(x,y) = ax+by+d
v(x,y) = by+cxy+d

MCQ: First derivatives in image segmentation produces

thick edges
thin edges
fine edges
rough edges

MCQ: For CMYK color space, no of transformations will be

n = 2
n = 3
n = 4
n = 5