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Image Segmentation Basics MCQ with Answers PDF

Image Segmentation Basics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Image Segmentation Basics quiz answers PDF with digital image processing career tests for online courses. Practice image segmentation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Image Segmentation Basics quiz questions for online college classes. Image Segmentation Basics MCQ PDF: line detection in image segmentation, basic edge detection, fundamentals of image segmentation, line detection in digital image processing test prep for applied computer science.

"Example of similarity approach in image segmentation is" MCQ PDF on image segmentation basics with choices edge based segmentation, boundary based segmentation, region based segmentation, and both a and b for online college classes. Practice image segmentation basics quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accelerated computer science degree online.

MCQs on Image Segmentation Basics Quiz

MCQ: Example of similarity approach in image segmentation is

edge based segmentation
boundary based segmentation
region based segmentation
Both A and B

MCQ: Example of discontinuity approach in image segmentation is

edge based segmentation
boundary based segmentation
region based segmentation
Both A and B

MCQ: Textured inner region of the object produces

good boundary extraction
excellent boundary extraction
good boundary deletion
excellent boundary deletion

MCQ: In the sense of predicate two regions of the image must be


MCQ: If inside the boundary is white otherwise black predicate is


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