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Color Models MCQ with Answers PDF

Color Models Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Color Models quiz answers PDF to learn digital image processing online course for digital image processing classes. Color Image Processing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Color Models quiz questions for online computer science and engineering. "Color Models" PDF Book: color models, color transformation test prep for online software development courses.

"RGB colors on internet applications are called" MCQ PDF: color models with choices safe colors, colors space, web colors, and safe web colors for online computer science and engineering. Learn color models quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs to learn free online courses.

MCQs on Color Models Quiz

MCQ: RGB colors on internet applications are called

safe colors
colors space
web colors
safe web colors

MCQ: Equation that describes the hue is

H = H-90
H = H-100
H = H-120
H = H-180

MCQ: 0 degree of red color in hue image will correspond to

white region
black region

MCQ: White color in a Cartesian coordinate system can be represented as


MCQ: Color model is also called

color system
color space
color area
Both A and B