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Subclass and Superclass MCQ with Answers PDF

Subclass and Superclass Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Subclass and Superclass quiz answers PDF with database management system live worksheets for online degrees. Solve entity relationship modeling Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Subclass and Superclass quiz questions for online college classes. Subclass and Superclass MCQ PDF: specialization and generalization, knowledge representation and ontology, subclass and superclass, eer model concepts test prep for applied computer science.

"The entity type from which the subgroups can be made is classified as" MCQ PDF on subclass and superclass with choices super class, subclass, qualified class, and non-qualified class for online college classes. Solve subclass and superclass quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accelerated computer science degree online.

MCQs on Subclass and Superclass Quiz

MCQ: The entity type from which the subgroups can be made is classified as

super class
qualified class
non-qualified class

MCQ: The hierarchy in which each subclass participates in one subclass relationship is classified as

specialization hierarchy
generalization hierarchy
jointness hierarchy
disjoint hierarchy

MCQ: In the process of specialization, the subclasses are attached by

dotted lines
red lines
red dotted lines

MCQ: The process of defining the entity type subclasses is classified as

type inheritance

MCQ: The type of subclass constraint that one entity can be member of at most one subclass is classified as

incomplete joint constraint
complete joint constraint
disjointness constraint
jointness constraint

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