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Query Trees Notations Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 94

Query Trees Notations quiz questions and answers, query trees notations MCQ with answers PDF 94 to solve Database Management System mock tests for online college programs. Solve Relational Algebra and Calculus trivia questions, query trees notations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Query Trees Notations Interview Questions PDF: three schema architecture, state chart diagrams, schemas instances and database state, domain relational calculus, query trees notations test prep for computer software engineer.

"The data structure in the form of tree to correspond to relational algebra expression is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices attribute tree, relation tree, entity tree, and query tree for computer science programs. Practice relational algebra and calculus questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for cheapest online computer science degree.

Quiz on Query Trees Notations MCQs

MCQ: The data structure in the form of tree to correspond to relational algebra expression is classified as

relation tree
attribute tree
entity tree
query tree

MCQ: The types of relational calculi includes

domain calculus
nodes calculus
tuple calculus
both a and c

MCQ: In database management system, the current set of instance or database snapshot is also called

mathematical operators of schema
logical operators of schema
extension of schema
intension of schema

MCQ: The elements included in state chart diagrams are

condition markers
iteration markers
lifeline markers

MCQ: In Three-Schema Architecture, the schema in which the part of database is described to the user group who is interested and other details are kept hide is called

logical schema
conceptual schema
internal schema
external schema