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Conceptual Database Design Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Conceptual Database Design quiz questions and answers, conceptual database design MCQs with answers PDF to solve DBMS worksheet 88 for online graduate programs. Practice "Database Design Methodology and UML Diagrams" quiz questions with answers, conceptual database design Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online university degrees. Free conceptual database design MCQs, ordered records, safe expressions, database approach characteristics, external sorting algorithms, conceptual database design test prep for CS major.

"The strategy in which the schema with basic abstractions are added into the other abstractions is classified as", conceptual database design Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices bottom up strategy, top down strategy, inside out strategy, and mixed strategy for online computer science engineering. Learn database design methodology and uml diagrams questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college classes.

Quiz on Conceptual Database Design PDF Download eBook

Conceptual Database Design Quiz

MCQ: The strategy in which the schema with basic abstractions are added into the other abstractions is classified as

  1. top down strategy
  2. bottom up strategy
  3. inside out strategy
  4. mixed strategy


External Sorting Algorithms Quiz

MCQ: The files from which algorithms are selected for records are called

  1. scan files
  2. spanned files
  3. non dense files
  4. indexed files


Database Approach Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: The application of database management system in air flight seat booking in a way that one seat is accessed by only one clerk for customer reservation is classified as

  1. online transaction processing
  2. offline transaction processing
  3. online logical representation
  4. offline modeling representation


Safe Expressions Quiz

MCQ: In relational calculus, the expression which guarantees finite number of tuples is classified as

  1. declarative expression
  2. stable expression
  3. unsafe expression
  4. safe expression


Ordered Records Quiz

MCQ: The record searching technique in which the searching of records is done by block by block is classified as

  1. heap search
  2. non linear search
  3. linear search
  4. relative search