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Entity Types Sets Attributes and Keys Quiz Questions PDF - 49

The Book Entity Types Sets Attributes and Keys Quiz Questions, entity types sets attributes and keys quiz answers PDF download chapter 1-49 to study online database management system degree programs. Practice Data Modeling Entity Relationship Model MCQ with answers PDF, entity types sets attributes and keys Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Entity Types, Sets, Attributes and Keys Quiz App Download: entity types, sets, attributes and keys, relational database schemas, hashing techniques, join dependencies, database management system classification test prep for 2 year computer science degree.

The Quiz: The attributes which have only more than one value for a specific entity are classified as PDF, "Entity Types, Sets, Attributes and Keys" App Download (Free) with diatomic attributes, atomic attributes, multi-valued attributes, and single valued attributes choices to learn online certificate courses. Solve data modeling entity relationship model questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for computer and information science.

Database Management System Quiz: Entity Types Sets Attributes & Keys MCQs PDF Download - 49

MCQ: The attributes which have only more than one value for a specific entity are classified as

A) atomic attributes
B) diatomic attributes
C) multi-valued attributes
D) single valued attributes

MCQ: In database schema, the database snapshot is also called

A) current set of entity
B) current set of instances
C) current set of entity
D) current set of objects

MCQ: The hash functions that does not maintain order of values of hash field are called

A) order preserving
B) pointer preserving
C) block preserving
D) record preserving

MCQ: The inclusion dependencies that are preceding are used to represent

A) algorithmic constraint
B) trivial constraint
C) referential integrity constraint
D) decomposition constraint

MCQ: The Conference on Data Systems Languages Database Task Group is a committee to

A) approve network structure
B) specify network model and language
C) specify names of networks
D) specify structure of networks

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