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Database Management System Advantages Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 116

Practice Database Management System Advantages quiz questions, database management system advantages multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare DBMS exam worksheet 116 for online certificate programs. Practice "Database Management Systems" quiz with answers, database management system advantages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online university degrees. Free database management system advantages MCQs, eer model concepts, query trees notations, functional dependencies, tuple relational calculus, database management system advantages test prep for top computer science schools in the world.

"The software used by database administrators to create new accounts are considered as", database management system advantages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices redundancy software, standalone creation software, privileged software, and occasion software for 2 year computer science degree. Learn database management systems questions and answers with free online certification courses for CS major.

Database Management System Advantages Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Database Management System Advantages Quiz

MCQ: The software used by database administrators to create new accounts are considered as

  1. standalone creation software
  2. redundancy software
  3. privileged software
  4. occasion software


Tuple Relational Calculus Quiz

MCQ: The expression which specifies the procedure to retrieve rather than retrieval content is classified as

  1. procedural expression
  2. structural expression
  3. functional expression
  4. calculus expression


Functional Dependencies Quiz

MCQ: The rule that always generate true dependencies is called

  1. referential rule
  2. inferential rule
  3. closure rule
  4. reflexive rule


Query Trees Notations Quiz

MCQ: In a query tree, the input relations of query are classified as

  1. attribute nodes
  2. leaf nodes
  3. stem nodes
  4. root nodes


EER Model Concepts Quiz

MCQ: Consider representation of specialization and generalization, the filled triangle is used to indicate the constraint called

  1. overlapping constraint
  2. disjoint node
  3. shared base constraint
  4. schema construct