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Specialization MCQ with Answers PDF

Specialization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Specialization quiz answers PDF with database systems live worksheets for online degrees. Solve database design and er model Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Specialization quiz questions for computer science associate degree. Specialization MCQ PDF: constraints in dbms, entity relationship diagrams, specialization test prep for computer science programs.

"In an E-R diagram, specialization is represented by a" MCQ PDF on specialization with choices hollow arrow-head, solid arrow-head, dashed arrow-head, and double arrow-head for computer science associate degree. Solve specialization quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for information and communication technology.

MCQs on Specialization Quiz

MCQ: In an E-R diagram, specialization is represented by a

Hollow arrow-head
Solid arrow-head
Dashed arrow-head
Double arrow-head

MCQ: Specifying whether or not an entity in the superclass set must belong to at least one of subclass sets within specialization, by the constraint type

Completeness constraint
Disjointness constraint
Overlapping constraint
Existence constraint

MCQ: The relationship of specialization may also be known as a/an

Subclass-superclass relationship
Superclass-subclass relationship
Higher-level relationship
Lower-level relationship

MCQ: A property of entity sets created by specialization and generalization is known as

Entity inheritance
Sets inheritance
Relational inheritance
Attribute inheritance

MCQ: Specialization emphasizes on differences by creating distinctions among

Entity sets
Attribute sets

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