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Purpose of Database Systems Quiz Questions PDF Download - 52

The e-Book Purpose of Database Systems Quiz Questions, purpose of database systems MCQ with answers PDF chapter 13-52 to study online courses, database systems tests. Practice Introduction to DBMS trivia questions, Purpose of Database Systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Purpose of Database Systems MCQ" App Download: view of data, database languages, purpose of database systems test prep for computer information science.

The Quiz "To allow users to manipulate the information, the system has a number of" PDF, Purpose of Database Systems App Download (Free) with application files, application programs, manipulation program, and manipulation files choices for associates in computer science. Solve introduction to dbms questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for free online classes.

Database Systems: Purpose of Database Systems Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: To allow users to manipulate the information, the system has a number of

A) Application programs
B) Application files
C) Manipulation program
D) Manipulation files

MCQ: When an assertion is created, the system tests it for

A) Query
B) Errors
C) Validity
D) Invalidity

MCQ: The complexity at view level remains high because of the variety of information stored in a

A) Small database
B) Dependent database
C) Complex database
D) Small data processes

MCQ: Quitting the edit session without saving changes in a document, is work similar to the

A) Commit work
B) Rollback work
C) Trace work
D) Transmit work

MCQ: To saving changes to a document that is being edited, is similar to the

A) Trace work
B) Transmit work
C) Rollback work
D) Commit work

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