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Free Embedded SQL Quiz Questions and Answers, Embedded SQL Quiz PDF Download, Book Ch. 1-157 to study database systems online courses. Practice Advanced SQL MCQ with answers PDF, Embedded SQL Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Embedded SQL Quiz App Download: Free learning app for set operations, normal forms, online analytical processing (olap), storage structure in databases, embedded sql test prep for master's degree in computer science.

The Quiz: To obtain the result tuples, the program must use the; "Embedded SQL" App Download (Free) with answers insert command, open command, fetch command and both a and c for bachelor degree online. Solve advanced sql questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for BSc computer science.

Embedded SQL Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 157

MCQ 781: To obtain the result tuples, the program must use the

  1. Open command
  2. Insert command
  3. Fetch command
  4. Both A and C

MCQ 782: When the changes made by the aborted transaction has been undone, the transaction is said to be

  1. Committed
  2. Derived
  3. Rolled back
  4. Depicted

MCQ 783: An interactive system that allows analysts to view contrasting summaries of multi dimensional data, is known to be

  1. Offline Analytical Processing
  2. On-demand Analytical Processing
  3. Online Analytical Processing
  4. Object Analytical Processing

MCQ 784: The fourth normal form is the

  1. Optimized Normal form
  2. Weaker than BCNF
  3. Weaker than 3NF
  4. Ultimate normal form

MCQ 785: When comparing values of corresponding attributes from two tuples, the values are treated as/ in

  1. Identical
  2. Union
  3. Unity
  4. Pairs

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