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Practice Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) quiz answers PDF to learn database systems online course for database systems classes. Advanced SQL Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) quiz questions for online bachelor's degree computer science. "Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) MCQ" PDF Book: database triggers, java database connectivity (jdbc), jdbc and java, functions and procedures test prep for computer majors.

"The database system compiles the query when it is" MCQ PDF: java database connectivity (jdbc) with choices executed, initialized, prepared, and invoked for online bachelor's degree computer science. Learn java database connectivity (jdbc) quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for master's degree in computer science.

MCQs on Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Quiz

MCQ: The database system compiles the query when it is


MCQ: To execute a statement, we invoke the method

executeUpdate method
executeRel method
executeStmt method
executeConn method

MCQ: The interface ResultSet has a method, getMetaData(), that returns a/an


MCQ: Older systems allow multiple statements to be executed in a single call, with statements separated by a

Question mark
$ sign

MCQ: The method on the result set that tests whether or not there remains at least one unfetched tuple in the result set, is said to be

Fetch method
Current method
Next method
Access method