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TCP/IP Suite Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), TCP/IP Suite quiz answers PDF with computer networks career tests for online courses. Practice network models Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), TCP/IP Suite quiz questions for computer and information science. TCP/IP Suite Interview Questions: osi model layers, tcp/ip suite test prep for cheapest online computer science degree.

"ICMP Stands for" MCQ PDF on tcp/ip suite with choices internet connect message protocol, internet control message protocol, international connect message protocol, and international control message protocol for computer and information science. Practice tcp/ip suite quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for top online computer science programs.

MCQs on TCP/IP Suite Quiz

MCQ: ICMP Stands for

Internet Connect Message Protocol
Internet Control Message Protocol
International Connect Message Protocol
International Control Message Protocol

MCQ: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Networking Protocol have

four layers
five layers
six layers
seven layers

MCQ: The packets of data that is transported by Internet protocol (IP) is called

encapsulate message

MCQ: The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) divides a stream of data into smaller units that are called


MCQ: The term that refers to associate a logical address with a physical address is


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