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Frame Relay in VCN Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 77

Frame Relay in VCN multiple choice questions and answers, frame relay in vcn quiz answers PDF 77 to learn Computer Networks course for college certification. Learn Virtual Circuit Networks Frame Relay and ATM MCQ trivia questions, frame relay in vcn Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Frame Relay in VCN MCQ PDF: internet checksum, satellite networks, frame relay in vcn test prep for computer science programs.

"At the data link layer, frame relay uses" MCQ PDF with choices multiple protocols, complex protocol, simple protocol, and frame protocol for computer science associate degree. Solve virtual circuit networks frame relay and atm questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for information and communication technology.

Frame Relay in VCN Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: At the data link layer, frame relay uses

complex protocol
multiple protocols
simple protocol
frame protocol

MCQ: The L satellite frequency band has the bandwidth of

10 MHz
15 MHz
20 MHz
25 MHz

MCQ: If the value of checksum is 0, then the message status is

sent back

MCQ: In frame relay, there is no specific protocol defined for the

physical layer
network layer
transport layer
data link layer

MCQ: The flag field that does fragmentation of IPv4 segment is the

1 bit field
2 bit field
3 bit field
4 bit field

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