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Multicast Routing Protocols MCQ Questions PDF Download - 389

Study Multicast Routing Protocols Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), multicast routing protocols quiz answers PDF, test 389 to download Computer Networks book. Network Layer Delivery, Forwarding, and Routing MCQ trivia questions, multicast routing protocols Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Multicast Routing Protocols Book PDF: point to point protocol, unicast routing protocols, multicast routing protocols test prep for bachelor's degree in computer science.

"In Core-Based Tree (CBT), when the router has received all join messages, then the tree will be" Quiz PDF: multicast routing protocols App APK with framed, indexed, stabilized, and formed choices to learn free online courses. Learn network layer delivery, forwarding, and routing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer science programs.

Multicast Routing Protocols MCQ Questions

MCQ: In Core-Based Tree (CBT), when the router has received all join messages, then the tree will be


MCQ: In unicast routing, the size of the network in the distance vector routing can not exceed

2 hops
5 hops
10 hops
15 hops

MCQ: The field that defines the length of the entire Link Control Protocol packet is called

ID field
control field
information field
length field

MCQ: Unicast, any cast and multicast are addresses of


MCQ: Reverse Path Multicasting (RPM) is used to increase


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