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ATM LANs Questions and Answers PDF Download eBooks - 174

Practice ATM LANs trivia questions and answers, atm lans quiz answers PDF to solve networking mock test 174 for online degrees. Practice "Virtual Circuit Networks Frame Relay and ATM" trivia questions and answers, atm lans Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free atm lans MCQs, unguided media: wireless, controlled access, gigabit ethernet, multicast routing protocols, atm lans test prep for online software development courses.

"Ethernet is a", atm lans Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices multicasting protocol, unicasting protocol, broadcasting protocol, and both b and c for online computer science and engineering. Learn virtual circuit networks frame relay and atm questions and answers with free online certification courses to learn free online courses.

Trivia Quiz on ATM LANs PDF Download eBooks


MCQ: Ethernet is a

  1. unicasting protocol
  2. multicasting protocol
  3. broadcasting protocol
  4. both b and c


Multicast Routing Protocols Quiz

MCQ: Multicast link-state routing uses the source-based

  1. root approach
  2. node approach
  3. domain approach
  4. tree approach


Gigabit Ethernet Quiz

MCQ: The line encoding scheme that is used in 1000BaseCX is

  1. Manchester
  2. NRZ
  3. 4D-PAMS
  4. MLT-3


Controlled Access Quiz

MCQ: In the token passing method, the stations are organized in the logical

  1. ring
  2. bus
  3. star
  4. hybrid


Unguided Media: Wireless Quiz

MCQ: The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into 8 ranges called

  1. bands
  2. propagation
  3. channel
  4. chains