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The e-Book Computer Buses Quiz Questions, computer buses quiz answers PDF download chapter 15-93 to study online computer basics degree courses. Practice Processing Data MCQ with answers PDF, Computer Buses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Computer Buses Quiz App Download: Free learning app for web based e-mail services, read and write operations, bus networks, windows xp, computer buses test prep for computer software engineer online degree.

The Quiz To extend the connectivity of the processor bus we use: scsi bus, pci bus, controllers and multiple bus with "Computer Buses" App Download (Free) for master degree in computer science. Solve processing data questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn online certificate courses.

Computer Buses Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 93

MCQ 461: To extend the connectivity of the processor bus we use

A) PCI bus
B) SCSI bus
C) controllers
D) multiple bus

MCQ 462: Version of Windows 2000 which was intended for use on desktop computers is

A) professional
B) server
C) enterprise edition
D) data center server

MCQ 463: Computer bus with 64 lines can carry

A) 32bits
B) 64bits
C) 16bits
D) 8bits

MCQ 464: In computer, measure of memory device's operating speed is termed as

A) access time
B) write time
C) store time
D) input time

MCQ 465: HTML was first proposed in

A) 1995
B) 1990
C) 1998
D) 1980

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