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Practice Computer Monitor quiz questions and answers, computer monitor MCQ questions PDF, test 204 to download Computer Basics book. Displaying and Printing Data MCQ questions, Computer Monitor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Computer Monitor Book PDF: static and dynamic memory devices, computer data, microcomputer processor, presentation programs, computer monitor test prep for information and communication technology.

"Active matrix display is based on technology which uses" Quiz PDF: computer monitor App APK with mirror, thin-film transistor, digital light, and crt choices for online degrees. Solve displaying and printing data questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for associates in computer science.

Trivia Questions on Computer Monitor MCQs

MCQ: Active matrix display is based on technology which uses

thin-film transistor
digital light

MCQ: Name of form used to input chart values is

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft graph
auto form

MCQ: Registers store


MCQ: To store data bytes in a file, they have to be serialized in a

file format
data format
binary format
numeric format

MCQ: Semiconductor memory device in which stored data will not remain permanently stored even when power is supplied is called

dynamic memory device
static memory device
flash device
storage device