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Hexadecimal Number System Quiz Questions Online p. 178

Learn Hexadecimal Number System quiz questions and answers, hexadecimal number system MCQ with answers PDF 178 to learn Computer Basics online course. Processing Data trivia questions, Hexadecimal Number System Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Hexadecimal Number System Quiz" PDF Book: network needs, storage devices basics, word processing fonts, storage devices and functions, hexadecimal number system test prep for computer software engineer online degree.

"Hexadecimal number system is used as a shorthand language to represent" MCQ PDF: binary numbers, decimal numbers, octal numbers, and urinary numbers for computer software engineer. Study processing data questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn online certificate courses.

Quiz on Hexadecimal Number System MCQs

MCQ: Hexadecimal number system is used as a shorthand language to represent

decimal numbers
binary numbers
octal numbers
urinary numbers

MCQ: In computer, CCD stands for

capacitor charging device
capacitor-capacitor drain
charged-capacitor device
charged-couple device

MCQ: Word processor window has many common elements of a typical window, such as

title bar
menu bar
all of these

MCQ: Storage which has a smallest storage capacity is

floppy disk
zip disk
hard disk
compact disk

MCQ: Main purpose of computer network is

file sharing
printer sharing
hard disk sharing
all of these