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Introduction to Internet Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 147

Learn Introduction to internet worksheet with answers PDF, introduction to internet MCQ with answers to solve computer basics test 147 for online job interview. Practice Internet Fundamentals trivia questions and answers, introduction to internet Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online computer science. Free introduction to internet MCQs, operating system structure, computer viruses, introduction to internet test prep for online college courses.

"Every host computer on the internet has", introduction to internet Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices unique 15-digit number, similar ip address, unique ip address, and common name and number for online computer engineering programs. Learn internet fundamentals questions and answers with free online certification courses for online bachelor's degree computer science.

Trivia Quiz on Introduction to Internet PDF Download eBook

Introduction to Internet Quiz

MCQ: Every host computer on the internet has

  1. similar IP address
  2. unique 15-digit number
  3. unique IP address
  4. common name and number


Computer Viruses Quiz

MCQ: Another name of free computer software is

  1. encrypted software
  2. copy protected software
  3. public domain software
  4. shareware


Operating System Structure Quiz

MCQ: System generation

  1. is always quite simple
  2. is always very difficult
  3. varies in difficulty between systems
  4. requires extensive tools to be understandable


Spreadsheet Program Cells Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following is not an element of computer spreadsheet interface?

  1. pencil work
  2. active cell
  3. menu bar
  4. workbook


Spreadsheet Program Cells Quiz

MCQ: Basic unit of a computer worksheet in which you enter text and numbers is known as

  1. a workbook
  2. a column
  3. a row
  4. a cell