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Memory Addresses MCQ with Answers PDF

Memory Addresses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Memory Addresses quiz answers PDF with computer architecture live worksheets for online degrees. Solve computer language and instructions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Memory Addresses quiz questions for computer information science. Memory Addresses Interview Questions: what is virtual memory, dynamic scheduling algorithm, memory addressing, sorting program test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"Which variables can be visible throughout the program?" MCQ PDF on memory addresses with choices local variable, global variable, integer, and constant for computer information science. Solve memory addresses quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer software engineer online degree.

MCQs on Memory Addresses Quiz

MCQ: Which variables can be visible throughout the program?

local variable
global variable

MCQ: Both the CISC and RISC architectures have been developed to reduce the

time delay
semantic gap

MCQ: This binary instruction (1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1101)2, will be represented in binary no as


MCQ: |' symbol that is used in the logical operation represents the

OR operation
bit by bit OR operation
AND operation
bit by bit AND operation

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