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Container Classes Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 53

Solve Container Classes multiple choice questions and answers, container classes quiz answers PDF 53 to learn C++ course for college certification. Learn Templates and Iterators MCQ trivia questions, container classes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Container Classes MCQ PDF: code reusability, cs: c programming language, object oriented approach, function prototypes, container classes test prep for computer information science.

"A template function is a function that is produced by", container classes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices arrays, functions, templates, and none of them for associates in computer science. Solve templates and iterators questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online classes.

Container Classes Questions and Answers MCQs


A template function is a function that is produced by

None of them


A program that tells the compiler the name of the function, the type of function, and about the function parameters

Function prototype
Void function
stdio file
None of them


Sending a message to the object is referred to as

calling the object
declaring the object
sending the object
initializing the object


Language which initially became widely known as UNIX operating system's development language is



Subroutines or functions are the simplest form of


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