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Permutation Function Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook

Practice Permutation function quiz questions, permutation function multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare online coding exam worksheet 110 for online certificate programs. Practice "Functions in C++" quiz with answers, permutation function Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online computer programming. Free permutation function MCQs, computer organization, object oriented approach, assignment operators: c++, constructors, permutation function test prep for computer science programs.

"Void function is also called as", permutation function Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices subroutine, procedure, terminator, and both a and b for computer science associate degree. Learn functions in c++ questions and answers with free online certification courses for information and communication technology.

Permutation Function Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Permutation Function Quiz

MCQ: Void function is also called as

  1. Procedure
  2. Subroutine
  3. Terminator
  4. Both A and B


Constructors Quiz

MCQ: A constructor is a member function that is called automatically when

  1. an object is declared
  2. an function is created
  3. an function is accessed
  4. All of them


Assignment Operators: C++ Quiz

MCQ: Which operator accesses a structure member via the object's variable name?

  1. Dot member selection operator
  2. Scope resolution operator
  3. Arrow member selection operator
  4. All of them


Object Oriented Approach Quiz

MCQ: In object oriented language rather than other programming languages, program's data

  1. can access directly
  2. can't access directly
  3. can't call
  4. can't declare


Computer Organization Quiz

MCQ: Processor which implements two processors on a single integrated circuit chip is termed as

  1. single core processor
  2. dual core processor
  3. multi core processor
  4. quad core processor