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Learn Ada Programming Language quiz questions and answers, ada programming language MCQ with answers PDF 10 to learn C++ online course. Introduction to Programming Languages trivia questions, Ada Programming Language Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Ada Programming Language Quiz" PDF Book: unified modeling language, increment decrement operator, moores law, standard c library functions, ada programming language test prep for top online computer science programs.

"Language which is based on Pascal is" MCQ PDF: cobol, fortran, ada, and c++ for top computer science schools in the world. Study introduction to programming languages questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer science engineering.

Quiz on Ada Programming Language MCQs

MCQ: Language which is based on Pascal is


MCQ: The maths function acos (x) stands for

Inverse Cosine of x
Inverse Sine of x
Inverse Tangent of x
Floor of x

MCQ: Gorden Moore was co-founder of


MCQ: Cin stands for

Console input
Console output
Console stream
None of them

MCQ: At Rational Software, UML were developed by

Grady Booch
James Rumbaugh
Ivar Jacobson
Robert Lafore