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Ideal Gas Constant MCQ with Answers PDF

Solve Ideal Gas Constant Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), college chemistry quiz answers PDF with career tests for online courses. Practice gases Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Ideal Gas Constant quiz questions for GRE practice test. Ideal Gas Constant MCQ PDF: plasma state, avogadro's law, liquefaction of gases, diffusion and effusion test prep for SAT test.

"According to standard units, the value of R is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on ideal gas constant with choices 0.0765, 0.082, 0.074, and 0.087 for GRE practice test. Practice ideal gas constant quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college bachelor degree.

MCQs on Ideal Gas Constant Quiz


According to standard units, the value of R is



One mole of gas at ideal conditions have a volume of

22.414dm cube
24.14 dm3
37.14dm cube
44.14 dm cube


Standard temperature is considered to be as



R becomes 8.3143 when energy is taken in

Newton per meter square


One meter cube is equal to

100 dm cube
1000 dm cube
10 dm cube
50 dm cube

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