Chromatography MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Chromatography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), chromatography quiz answers PDF to study online chemistry course. Learn experimental techniques Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Chromatography" quiz questions and answers for GRE test. Learn sublimation, filtration crucibles, solvent extraction, chromatography test prep for two year online colleges.

"Chromatography is used to separate" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on chromatography with choices solution, mixtures, molecules, and atoms for GRE test. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning chromatography quiz questions for competitive exams in chemistry majors for ACT test prep classes.

MCQs on Chromatography PDF Download

MCQ: Chromatography is used to separate

  1. solution
  2. mixtures
  3. molecules
  4. atoms


MCQ: Chromatography with solid stationary phase is called

  1. circle chromatography
  2. Square chromatography
  3. solid chromatography
  4. adsorption chromatography


MCQ: The pattern on the paper in chromatography is called

  1. chroming
  2. Chroma
  3. chromatograph
  4. chromatogram


MCQ: The mobile phase can be

  1. gas only
  2. liquid only
  3. solid
  4. gas and liquid


MCQ: The components which have a small value of K have an affinity for

  1. mobile phase
  2. stationary phase
  3. no phase
  4. solution