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Coordination in Animals Test Questions PDF - 76

The Book Coordination in Animals Test Questions, coordination in animals quiz answers PDF download chapter 5-76 to learn online biology certification courses. Solve Coordination and Control Test PDF, coordination in animals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Coordination in Animals Trivia App Download: coordination in animals, human skeleton, plants: growth and development test prep for best GRE prep courses online.

The Test: Melanocytes in the skin produce pigments that are PDF, "Coordination in Animals" App APK Download with yellow in colour, black in color, brown in colour, and white in colour choices for colleges that offer online degrees. Study coordination and control questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online schools that offer certificate programs.

Biology Tests Online: Coordination in Animals Quiz PDF Download - 76

MCQ: Melanocytes in the skin produce pigments that are

A) black in color
B) yellow in colour
C) brown in colour
D) white in colour

MCQ: The layer of connective tissue which surrounds the synovial joints is called

A) ligament
B) fibrous capsule
C) synovial capsule
D) tendon

MCQ: The part of apical meristem which gets separated from apex by permanent tissues are called

A) apical meristem
B) intercalary meristems
C) lateral meristems
D) apical tissue

MCQ: Smaller fibers which carry nerve impulse towards cell body are called

A) roots
B) dendron
C) dendrites
D) strands

MCQ: The fertilized egg of an ascidian contains cytoplasm of

A) one colour
B) four different colors
C) three different colors
D) five different colors

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