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Characteristics of Cyanobacteria Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook

Characteristics of Cyanobacteria quiz questions, characteristics of cyanobacteria multiple choice questions and answers PDF 68 to learn biology course for online certification. Practice "Kingdom Prokaryotae" quiz with answers, characteristics of cyanobacteria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online college degrees. Free characteristics of cyanobacteria MCQs, coordination in animals, animals: growth and development, advantages and disadvantages: gas exchange, homeostasis: excretion, characteristics of cyanobacteria test prep for best ACT prep courses online.

"Reserve food material in cyanobacteria is", characteristics of cyanobacteria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices sugar, proteins, peptidoglycan, and glycogen for free online college courses. Learn kingdom prokaryotae questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online classes. Characteristics of Cyanobacteria Video

Characteristics of Cyanobacteria Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Characteristics of Cyanobacteria Quiz

MCQ: Reserve food material in cyanobacteria is

  1. proteins
  2. sugar
  3. peptidoglycan
  4. glycogen


Homeostasis: Excretion Quiz

MCQ: The metabolites of nitrogenous nature are eliminated from the body by a process

  1. absorption
  2. reabsorption
  3. excretion
  4. transpiration


Advantages and Disadvantages: Gas Exchange Quiz

MCQ: The exchange of gases in respiration is only done by

  1. osmosis
  2. diffusion
  3. transport
  4. movement


Animals: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ: Gray vegetal cytoplasm gives rise to

  1. brain
  2. gut
  3. liver
  4. kidney


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ: A neuron at rest is electrically

  1. more positive outside
  2. more negative outside
  3. neutral
  4. may be positive or negative outside