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Evolution of Seed Habit Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 5

Evolution of Seed Habit quiz questions, evolution of seed habit multiple choice questions and answers PDF 5 to learn biology course for online certification. Practice "Kingdom Plantae" quiz with answers, evolution of seed habit Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online college degrees. Free evolution of seed habit MCQs, nutritional diseases, pollen, aquatic and terrestrial animals: respiratory organs, animals reproduction, evolution of seed habit test prep for best online ACT prep class.

"The plants which produce seeds are termed as", evolution of seed habit Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices gametophytes, spermatophytes, ovulophytes, and ovarophytes for GRE subject tests. Learn kingdom plantae questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online bachelor degree programs. Evolution of Seed Habit Video

Evolution of Seed Habit Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Evolution of Seed Habit Quiz

MCQ: The plants which produce seeds are termed as

  1. spermatophytes
  2. gametophytes
  3. ovulophytes
  4. ovarophytes


Animals Reproduction Quiz

MCQ: Uterus opens into the vagina through

  1. ovary
  2. oviduct
  3. cervix
  4. urethra


Aquatic and Terrestrial Animals: Respiratory Organs Quiz

MCQ: Tiny thin-walled ducts which are present in the lungs of birds are called

  1. alveoli
  2. bronchi
  3. parabronchi
  4. bronchioles


Pollen Quiz

MCQ: Germinating pollen grain is a rich source of

  1. cytokinin
  2. gibberellin
  3. auxin
  4. rennin


Nutritional Diseases Quiz

MCQ: The patients who are suffering from ulcer should avoid

  1. smoking
  2. alcohol
  3. coffee
  4. all of above