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Excretion Kidneys MCQ with Answers PDF

Practice Excretion Kidneys Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), college biology quiz answers PDF with live worksheets for online degrees. Solve what is homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Excretion Kidneys quiz questions for SAT test. Excretion Kidneys MCQs PDF: bowman capsule, human skeleton, mammals: thermoregulation, excretion in animals test prep for online colleges for teaching.

"The blood of chronic kidney failed patient is purified by passing it through" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on excretion: kidneys with choices filter, pace maker, artificial kidney, and transplanting kidney for SAT test. Solve excretion kidneys quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for GRE test prep classes.

MCQs on Excretion Kidneys Quiz


The blood of chronic kidney failed patient is purified by passing it through

pace maker
artificial kidney
transplanting kidney


If the kidney is completely lost and unable to eliminate nitrogenous waste, it leads to

chronic renal failure
chronic liver failure
chronic respiratory failure
chronic pancreas failure


The non-surgical removal of kidney stones is the technique called

shock waves
none of others


Kidneys remove nitrogenous wastes and act as a

excretory product
Osmoregulators organ
thermoregulatory organs


The mammalian kidney is specialized to conserve water above


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